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Laser Therapy

Treat a wide range of conditions with Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy

Class IV lasers are the highest class of medical laser and are used in both human and veterinary medicine to treat a wide range of conditions.

They emit infrared wavelengths of energy which can be adjusted to target different depths of tissue. When they are absorbed by cells, they increase the energy inside them, which results in reduced inflammation, reduced nerve perception of pain and an increase in local blood flow which speeds healing.

Laser therapy is a safe, drug free treatment which is comfortable and non-invasive for your pet to receive. Animals are awake during the treatment and you can stay with them whilst it is given.

There are many uses for the laser but we most commonly use it for:

  • Treatment of osteoarthritis
  • Encouraging healing of wounds
  • Treatment of musculoskeletal injuries

You can find more information, including scientific publications at:

Pain Management

We most commonly use Class IV Laser therapy as part of a holistic pain management programme. On your first visit a Registered Veterinary Nurse (RVN) will explain how the laser works and how it fits into your pet’s pain management programme, such as in combination with prescription anti-inflammatories, physiotherapy, and home-care management. You will be asked to fill out a Helsinki pain score evaluation at the start and end of the course to enable an objective evaluation of any progress.

We typically perform the first 5 sessions over 2 weeks, and then the last session 1 week later. Depending on the extent of your pet’s clinical improvement we recommend maintenance sessions once a month or every few months.

We are happy to accept referral of patients from other veterinary practices to receive laser therapy, please contact reception for more information.