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EU Animal Health Certificates

Taking your pet abroad

Pet travel to the EU after 1st January 2021

Taking your pet abroad can be an exciting and fun adventure to undertake together, but it does require good planning and careful consideration about the stress and risk it may involve for you and your pet.

Please read these instructions and bring them to your appointment.

Taking your pet to the EU from 1st January 2021 requires strict criteria to be met; you can find the most up to date information on:

Please bring the following to your appointment:

  • The owner who will be responsible for the animal during arrival into the EU. Please speak to us if you, the owner, will NOT be accompanying your pet during their travel as we will need additional documentation.
  • The pet who will be travelling
  • Evidence of your pet’s microchipping date. Please contact the microchipping company to obtain this. The date of their microchipping MUST precede the date of their rabies vaccination
  • Original evidence of your pet’s rabies vaccination. This could be one of the following:
  • Original Pet Passport
  • Original signed vaccine card indicating Rabies vaccination

If your pet was vaccinated against Rabies at Lamond Veterinary Clinic, we can provide a vaccination card. If you pet was NOT vaccinated against Rabies with us please arrange for your previous vets to email us directly with your pets’ medical history which we can use as evidence.

During your appointment

During your appointment you will be required to sign a declaration to say that:

  • The movement of your pet is not aimed at their sale or transfer of ownership and
  • The owner will accompany the pet within no more than 5days of their travel and
  • The pet will remain under the responsibility of the owner during their travel.

Please speak to us ahead of your appointment if the above criteria will not be met, as we will need additional documentation to be provided.

Owner consent – must be completed at/ before your appointment

Download a consent form