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The Silver Cat Friendly Clinic

Many cat owners will be familiar with the stress associated with bringing their cat in to see us, even for routine appointments. Our feline friends have very unique needs and we understand that there are many triggers at a veterinary practice that can cause our pets stress and anxiety. Cat’s do not feel safe in unfamiliar environments and become extra receptive to unusual sounds, sights and smells. This is why we have made some important changes to our veterinary practice to ensure that every visit to us is as stress-free as possible, for each of our cat patients. As a result of this, we are proud to have been accredited as a Silver Level Cat-Friendly Clinic!


The Cat-Friendly Clinic accreditations are awarded by the International Society of Feline Medicine (ISFM). This is a worldwide organisation that works to improve the health and care of cats, including optimising veterinary care and developing our understanding of cat illnesses. Our practice’s silver accreditation shows that we are able to provide top-level care for all cats in a calm, cat-friendly environment.

To achieve this cat-friendly accreditation we have made a number of significant changes to our practice that we hope will have a positive impact on every cat that comes to visit us.


Our whole team has been involved with making our practice cat-friendly, with every team member ensuring that they maintain up to date knowledge so that your pet receives the best care from us. We pride ourselves on using cat-friendly handling techniques, which makes sure that your cat is kept calm and comfortable at all times.

We also have a team member who is our dedicated ‘cat advocate’, who will be happy to answer any questions about our cat-friendly status and show you around our practice. Our cat advocate works to ensure that all cat-friendly criteria are consistently met and standards maintained.


We have also made practical changes throughout the practice to enable us to achieve our silver cat-friendly status. Some of these changes you may come across during your visit, while others you may not initially be aware of. With cats particularly susceptible to noise, sight and sound we have made special areas for our feline friends to minimise any potential stressors during their visits.


As soon as you walk into our practice you will be instantly aware of our cat-friendly changes. We provide a separate ‘cat-only’ waiting area to prevent them from coming into contact with dogs. Meeting a dog can cause every cat to experience high levels of stress and worry, especially if they are unwell or injured. In addition, cats also feel safer if they are higher up, so we encourage you to use the space provided to place down their carrier, preventing the need for cats to be put on the floor or come into direct visual contact with any other pets.


Our consulting rooms also provide a safe environment for your cat, with each room being secure so your cat can be allowed to explore during their appointment. Our consulting rooms are light with non-slip surfaces, so cats feel safer while they acclimatise to their new surrounds.  Cats are more settled during their visit if they are allowed time to become familiar with their environment, so we ensure that there is sufficient time during your appointment to allow them to adjust. This will also give the vet time to thoroughly examine your pet and to provide the best care possible.

During your appointment you may be joined by one of our veterinary nurses, who can assist your vet with performing any required procedures and they will also handle your cat in a cat friendly manner if needed. This means that you do not need to hold your cat for examinations or procedures if you prefer not to.


Our hospitalisation facilities are often an area of our practice that most owners do not commonly visit. However, for any cats that are admitted for treatment, this is a very important area of the practice. During this time they are often feeling vulnerable as they may be unwell, so we feel that it is important that our facilities reduce this stress as much as possible. Any cats that are admitted to our practice will be hospitalised separately from our dog patients. Our cages are spacious, allowing your pet adequate space and with clean comfortable blankets, a suitable litter tray and a hiding place provided, so they feel as safe as possible.

During your cat’s stay, our vets will regularly reassess your pet and you will be provided with updates on your pet’s progress. If your cat is staying with us for a long duration then we can arrange for you to visit your pet. We can also arrange to show you our hospitalisation facilities if you would like to see behind the scenes and where your cat may need to stay if they need to visit us.


We have a number of facilities within our practice to allow us to perform diagnostic tests and carry out treatment plans for your cat. Our fully equipped on-site operating theatre means that we can offer you many routine and emergency surgical procedures at our practice, which for the majority of our cat patients will prevent the need for additional travelling. We also have dental equipment suitable for performing dental procedures so you can be assured that we can offer top-level dental care for your cat.

At Lamond we can perform a wide range of diagnostic tests allowing us to diagnose and treat your cat when they are unwell. With our on-site laboratory and imaging equipment, we can perform many routine tests within our practice. This often reduces the time it takes to receive the test results and ensures that your pet receives prompt treatment. Our laboratory equipment also allows us to perform tests to monitor patients with long term illnesses, ensuring that we can provide optimum veterinary care throughout your pet’s life.

We aim to provide top level veterinary care for your much-loved pet and it is important to us that your cat has a positive experience during their visit to us. Were proud to have been accredited silver status from the ISFM in our journey to provide the best possible care for your pets!