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Direct Insurance Claims

Your guide to Direct Insurance Claims

When your insurance company reimburses your practice

Please note the processing of direct claims is discretionary and based on the relationship between the insurer and the clinic.
Contact us directly to clarify if we can process direct claims with your insurance provider.

What we need from you:

  • An administration fee for the processing of the initial claim form (per condition)
  • All the documents required (see terms and conditions) must be submitted by email to or presented as a hard copy in person, at least 2 working days prior treatment (Saturdays excluded). PLEASE NOTE: Failure to submit the information requested or missing information will result in automatic refuse of the direct claim
  • Sections of the claim form which the policy holder is required to complete must be filled out correctly or start a new claim with your insurance company online
  • A completed claim form for each condition you wish to claim for
  • Payment for any non-insured work at the time of treatment
  • Covering letter/certificate of your policy, when processing the initial claim, which shows the policy limit, excess amount, start date and any exclusion(s) that may exist on the policy. (When your policy renews, please bring in the renewed certificate/covering letter)

What we’ll do:

  • Complete the claim form and have it signed by the vet in charge of the case (or other authorised staff member)
  • Aim to send it promptly to the insurer by post or electronically
  • Attach the full clinical history, along with each claim form
  • Provide any information requested by the insurer during the processing of the claim e.g. blood results, x-rays, etc.
  • Contact you if we’ve not received payment from the insurer 4 weeks after sending the claim form (most insurers request 4 weeks to process a claim) in order that you may query this with your insurance provider.‚Äč

Please note:

A direct claim cannot be considered approved until you receive confirmation from us. We will contact you to confirm when your direct claim has been authorized by the practice. 

If the insurer declines to settle the insurance claim, it’s your responsibility to settle the account in full within 30 days.

By offering a direct claim, we are not creating a contract between ourselves and the insurer. Any disputes regarding the claim will remain your responsibility and we are not required to investigate for you or deal with queries. (However, we will help when possible but most insurers will only speak to the policy holder).

Please read, sign and get back to us the three documents in the file below (terms and conditions, Direct Payment of Insurance Claims to Lamond form and Client Authorization form) as well as your insurance policy documents. 

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