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What it would mean to win BUKV


The Best UK Vet awards are a competition based on customer service. Every practice in the country is available to be reviewed, and at the end of a year (in February, actually…) all the reviews are counted up. The practice with the most 4- and 5-star reviews wins, it’s that simple! The reviews are left by the real clients of the practices – by you in other words.


The idea is to support and reward practices that have excellent client care, and take good care of not just the animals (although that is of course the most important thing) but their owners too. We think we’re pretty good at it… but we’d love to be sure! Lamond vets have been looking after pets for over 65 years and we’re really proud of the caring, friendly, dedicated and experienced team we’ve built up – and we want to showcase that.


Well, we were Best Scottish Vet in 2018, and in 2019! Thank you everyone who reviewed us… but this year we’d like to go one better. We’d like to win the overall competition, for the whole of the UK.


Well, there’s also a banner, and a logo on our website so that people can see that caring for you and your animals is at the centre of what we do. We will also hold a celebration to thank our wonderful staff who put so much in to care for all our patients.

Best of all, we get a trophy, and an award ceremony here to celebrate! This year’s winners got to be on their local BBC news and radio station. Their team along with their local mayor and several clients helped them celebrate. Of course the ready supply of cake and bubbles was also a huge success…


Of course, it serves an even more important purpose for us. We need to know how we’re doing. If there’s something we’re doing that works really well, that you really like – we want to know about it so that we can keep doing it! However, the opposite is also true – if there’s anything you’d like us to change, we need to know that as well.


Michael McCallum, one of our lead vets and Directors at Lamond told us, “Growing up, I was always fascinated with how things worked; finding problems and fixing them. I also loved animals, especially my family pets, and hated seeing them getting older or ill. So becoming a vet seemed a great way of trying to combine my enjoyment of problem solving with a desire to help animals. To me, a good vet is caring, has empathy and a level head. A decent slice of common sense doesn’t hurt either”.

So, how does that impact what this award would mean to the practice? “We pride ourselves of being a local family vets. We have many loyal and well bonded clients who have been attending our practice for decades, often coming initially as young children, and progressing in time to come with their own children in toe! It goes without saying that pets are our priority, and our first love, but we also work hard on creating bonds with our clients too, getting to know them, and trying to make sure that everyone leaving the practice is 100% happy with the care we give. We truly do put our clients and their pets first.”

You heard it from the horse’s mouth! Winning BUKV is more than just an award to Lamond; it’s an opportunity to make sure that you and your pet are more than happy with the care given. What do you think makes Lamond so special? We would love to hear your stories…