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Jennifer Stock

Veterinary Surgeon

Jennifer Stock
Jennifer Stock BVSC, MRCVS Veterinary Surgeon

Jennifer was inspired to become a vet at a young age by both her love for and enjoyment of her own dogs and also after one of her dog’s life was saved by their vet;  who performed surgery after hours. She strives to keep pets as healthy and happy as possible and to preserve that close and special connection between human and animal. Jennifer graduated from Onderstepoort Veterinary University,  South Africa in 2013 and has practised solely in the small animal field since then; working both in private practice and welfare organisations in South Africa, England and Scotland.  It may surprise you to learn that Jennifer did not move to Scotland purely for the weather, but also with the aim of furthering her education with a surgical bias.

Over the weekends Jennifer enjoys getting out and about to explore the wilder parts of Scotland and is always open to recommendations for great places to visit. She has no pets of her own at present (watch this space) so please be generous with yours if you see her for a consult.